About Us

Detek Engineering Supplies is your dedicated channel partner linking owners and users of capital plant equipment to original equipment manufacturers and other suppliers of specialised industrial goods and consumables.


Detek’s success has derived from excellent client service levels since 1990 and the foresight to maintain strong links with its suppliers. We value our relationships with various international manufacturers such as Primetals (previously VAI Siemens), TR Electronics, MFL and various others. We are a provider across the entire value chain of imported finished mechanical and electrical spare parts.

We strive to meet the ever-increasing needs and challenges of our customers by providing world-class service and equipment of superior quality.We are committed to responsible business leadership and good governance, and to making a positive impact to our customers.We continually seek to grow our business by satisfying the demands of our customers and are supported by overseas manufacturers by having access to their knowledge and expertise.

We supply a global procurement network access from the OEM, we do this by creating value through the manufacture of high-quality local and imported spare parts.Our core purpose is to consistently meet or exceed the reasonable expectations of our major supplier partners. Our know how, experience and operational structures support your import needs, as we are fully proficient in international trade logistics and financing arrangements.

We obtain and supply a wide range of products such as;

  • Encoders
  • MFL Specialized Products
  • Primemetals Technologies
  • Industrial Pulleys
  • Industrial Spray Nozzles
  • Steel Plant Rolls
  • Industrial Pumps
  • Danieli Olivotto
  • Industrial Hydraulic Pumps and Gearboxes
  • Copper Products
  • Condensate Discharge Vessel
  • Submersible Bearing and Pumps
  • Actuators and Rotary Unions